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Apr 03 2017

Cleanest High School Challenge


Did you know that all schools are part of the Coastal Zone?

While there are academic competitions and sports which respectively highlight the importance of education and health inside the classroom and on the football fields, basketball, and volleyball courts, local high schools have been engaged in a different competition which highlights environmental health through the value and pride that comes with having a clean school environment—from inside the classroom and other school facilities, to outside the surrounding campus grounds.

The Department of Commerce hosted a competition for high schools to show their school pride in keeping their campus grounds and facilities debris free and clean! Check out the winners from last year’s competition.

Cleanest Outside Environment

Public School: Nuuuli Vocational Technical High School
















Private School: South Pacific Academy











Cleanest Classrooms

Public School: Tafuna High School














Private School: Pacific Horizon School














Cleanest Restrooms:

Public School: Fagaitua High School






















Private School: Manumalo Baptist Academy














Cleanest Cafeteria:

Public School: Tafuna High School














Private School: South Pacific Academy














Cleanest Gymnasium

Public School: Tafuna High School














Private School: South Pacific Academy














All category winners will be provided equipment and supplies to assist them with maintaining the cleanliness of the category areas. Equipment and supplies include outdoor and indoor trash bins, trash bags, rakes, mop sets, and other landscaping and cleaning supplies.

ASCMP plans to continue this effort in the future and encourages high schools to take pride in a clean campus and continue to keep their campuses clean, inside and outside of the classroom.


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Aug 26 2016

Paddle Challenge – 2016 Coastweeks

It’s that time again! 2016 Coastweeks presents Paddle Challenge!

We are proud to announce that we have partnered with South Pacific Watersports (SPW) and are offering fun and exciting water sports activities to celebrate our annual 2016 Coastweeks celebration during September 12 – 24, 2016

Download Flyer Here!

For more information about 2016 Coastweeks, please contact Reinette at 254-2594 or 633-5155.


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