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Project Notification and Review System

The Land Use Permitting section for the Department of Commerce is where the public would apply for a land use permit for any type construction in American Samoa. The Department of Commerce reviews land use permits considering public health, safety, and environmental impacts. We have a web portal online for viewing any proposed project site in American Samoa.

You can visit this site at







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Land Use Permit Public Notices

Land Use Permit Public Notices CLICK HERE TO VIEW ALL PUBLIC NOTICES FOR LAND USE PERMITS. All land use permit applications must go through the Project Notification and Review System for approval. This entails environmental impacts and land use permitting. Public comments are welcome and must be received within two days of notice posting to …

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Public Awareness

To schedule an outreach event in your village please contact Solialofi Tuaumu at (684) 633-5155     

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Wetland areas in American Samoa are areas of lush tropical vegetation, swarming with life, and offer a wide range of valuable functions. These wetlands are important contributors to the islands’ health and subsequently, the well-being of everyone who lives here. Wetlands are productive and important habitats for fish, shellfish, birds, animals, and plants. They help …

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