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Territorial General Plan

Goals of the Territorial General Plan

  • Create clear vision of the future
  • Focus on issues of primary concern
  • Create cooperative coordinated system of development
  • Identify strategic path & best use of funds
  • Create capacity to implement programs
  • Show how government directs/gauges progress


Progress to Date

  • Territorial General Plan completed and filed in DOC April 2003
  • Territorial General Plan resolution endorsement signed by the Territorial Planning Commission (TPC) August 1, 2006
  • Territorial General Plan adopted by the Governor by way of Executive Order in May 2007
  • Document currently in transmittal for Fono’s review and record
  • Development policies and projects currently reflected in existing planning documents, such as the American Samoa Economic Advisory Commission Report 2004 et al., and vice versa.


Organization of Plan

Part I: Overview of  Issues & Concerns

  • State of the Territory
  • Principal Concerns & Issues
  • Forecast for Principal Areas of Concerns

Part II: Policies & Strategies

  • Integrated Policies for Principal Development Issues
  • Commerce & Economic Development
  • Environmental Protection & Resource Management
  • Social Development & Delivery of Social Services
  • Capital Improvements & Infrastructure


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