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Community Services Block Grant

Community Services Block Grant (CSBG)

The Community Services Block Grant is an anti-poverty grant from the Department of Health and Human Services which provides funding source for local communities through a network of public and private, non-profit organizations for the reduction of poverty.  Here in American Samoa the Governor’s executive order established the CSBG Program as authorized by the CSBG Act.  The Department of Commerce is designated as the lead agency to administer the program.  CSBG works with local private and public organizations to provide goods and services to eligible, low income individuals and families in order to address the causes and impacts of poverty, to reduce barriers to self-sufficiency, to revitalize low income communities, and to promote family stability.  This program must comply with federal and local laws and regulations.

CSBG program contributes to improving economic stability in the Territory.  Its main purpose is to provide assistance to local communities to fight against poverty.

The CSBG Program has six (6) national goals:

  1.  Low-income people become more self-sufficient.
  2. The conditions in which low-income people live are improved.
  3. Low-income people own a stake in their community.
  4. Partnerships among supporters and providers of services to low-income people are achieved.
  5. Agencies increase their capacity to achieve results.
  6. Low-income people, especially vulnerable populations, achieve their potential by strengthening family and other supportive systems.


For questions about the Community Services Block Grant Program, contact: Charlene Fa’alevao at 633-5155 ext. 232 or

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