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Planning & Grants

Planning and Grants

To enhance the quality of life for present and future generations by assisting the people of American Samoa in sound economic development, community planning, and resources management to ensure preservation and enrichment of natural and cultural resources.


The Planning division is responsible for creating and implementing economic and land development plans and P3 projects for the American Samoa Government. Planners in the Planning division are also tasked to write yearly grants to multiple federal and state grantors to fund economic and land development projects; some of these grant applications are submitted in collaboration with American Samoa Government agencies. Not only is the Planning division responsible for implementing economic and land use development initiatives but it is also the coordinating division in the Department of Commerce to establish goals and priorities for each fiscal year.

FY 2013, the American Samoa Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) was approved by the US Economic Development Agency. This report, finalized by the Planning division allows American Samoa to apply for US Economic Development Agency funds to implement identified CEDS projects.

The Planning division also creates grant applications for commerce related infrastructure and development projects with other agencies. Currently, there are multiple grants that the Planning division authored in collaboration with other American Samoa Government agencies to promote

investment, improved infrastructure, or community projects to implement 2013 – 2017 American Samoa Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy. In addition to grant applications, the Planning division also assists in economic policy and research, position papers, and reports on various issues affecting the development of the Territory.

FY2013 Territorial Planner and manager applied for several Department of Interior OIA TA grants that were awarded in the total amount of $450,000 in which the Planning division is designated the project lead on implementation. These grants for specifically for capital infrastructure and zoning build up.

The Planning division also has multiple Public Private Partnerships (P3). Through the effective P3 partnership, our collaboration hosted multiple workshops FY 2013 to encourage new businesses in strategic sectors with local banks present to discuss loaning options. Bank of Hawai’i, Development Bank of Samoa, and ANZ were present to provide loaning opportunities to the public and answer questions.

The Planning division also funds broad scale developments, FY 2014 we funded $10,000 dollars to support agriculture. $40,000 towards workforce development in partnership with DOE and Nuu’uli Vocational Technical High School to certify their student body to increase their potential for higher wages upon graduation and exposure to practical knowledge; $25,000 dollars for sports development towards Samoa Bowl; $2,500 dollars support to I’a Lapoa Steinlager Fishing Tournament; over $18,000 to support First and Third Friday events at the Fagatogo Marketplace to market and promote the fisheries and agriculture vendors; and general support of territorial Plans with many agencies such as the Population Policy Plan and Population Action Plan; Territorial General Plan, Zoning Board, and Territorial Planning Commission.

The Territorial Population Commission and its Policy Plan is led by the Planning division in coordination with DOE, LBJ, DOH, DYWA. This Commission has had multiple territorial workshops to dialogue with communities on how to address growth, recently with the July 10th 2015 Action Plan workshop.

The Planning division also is the lead division to the Territorial Planning Commission and the Zoning Board.

Territorial General Plan and the Territorial Planning Commission

The Territorial General Plan provides policy direction to government agencies and the public on how programs are to be operated and what they aim to achieve.  The goal is to coordinate actions taken by the government thus increasing effectiveness, stretching resources, and avoiding duplication of services.

The Commission serves as an oversight body, on behalf of the Governor, to review and approve government plans in relation to the overall goals of the government.  Plans cover agencies providing a comprehensive range of services and regulatory controls.

Zoning Board

The Zoning Board approves all zoning applications in the Territory. For details on how to apply for a zoning variance, click here.

For questions about Zoning, please contact the Acting Zoning Administrator, Aukusotino Mao at or (684) 633-5155 ext. 235.


For questions about American Samoa planning and grants, please contact:
Michael McDonald at or (684) 633-5155 ext. 263

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How to Apply for a Zoning Variance

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Community Development Block Grant

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Community Services Block Grant

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Territorial Planning Commission

The Territorial Planning Commission was statutorily created for the purpose of establishing a public review body that authorizes the territorial general plan program for American Samoa.  This Commission also is responsible to promote the general welfare of the territory’s citizens and create an orderly, healthy, and viable economic and living environments. The Governor adopts the …

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Tourism Master Plan

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Territorial General Plan

Goals of the Territorial General Plan Create clear vision of the future Focus on issues of primary concern Create cooperative coordinated system of development Identify strategic path & best use of funds Create capacity to implement programs Show how government directs/gauges progress   Progress to Date Territorial General Plan completed and filed in DOC April …

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