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Invest in American Samoa

Talofa and Welcome to American Samoa, where America’s day ends. This guide highlights the Territory of American Samoa’s progressive economic environment and the generous incentives available for offshore investment.

American Samoa is the ideal gateway to the United States and Pacific markets. Our incentive package offers a wide range of specialized programs aimed at maximizing profits and rates of return to investors, while offering the flexibility to meet individual needs. Our territory boasts a modern infrastructure which places the United States at the forefront of the dynamic economic growth sweeping through the Pacific Basin. Some of these features include high-speed satellite telecommunications, an expanded industrial park, an international airport, and a protected deep-water harbor. With over 50 years of experience with multi-nationals, American Samoa has developed a definitive industrial and institutional infrastructure suitable for large-scale operations, and is also qualified for favorable duty treatment under the Generalized System of Preference.


American Samoa, therefore, is eager to welcome partners who seek competitive advantages and healthy growth of their investments. We have worked hard to develop a reliable, efficient and cost effective infrastructure that will provide a solid foundation for any business venture, and we will continue to help as your business grows.

The Department of Commerce should be your first stop to express your interest in establishing or expanding your business to American Samoa. Staff will provide you with all the detailed information and guide you through the registration and licensing process.

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