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Tafuna Industrial Park

The development of the Tafuna Industrial Park (TIP), respectfully known as “Senator Daniel K. Inouye” Industrial Park, was conceived out of the desire of the American Samoa Government to diversify its economic base and reduce its reliance on the Federal Government for financial support. The American Samoa Government, through the Department of Commerce and its Tafuna Industrial Park Panel operates the 100-acre lot in Tafuna. TIP is fully drained and connected to a sewage treatment plant. 12-inch water main serves the area and electrical power is available for all industrial purposes. Lots are available for up to 55 years at a range rate per square foot per year. Currently, the American Samoa Telecommunications Authority is laying down fiber optic cables throughout the territory which will bring in O3b Networks launched by a Medium Earth Orbit constellation of satellites that deliver fiber speed and satellite reach for Pacific Island nations. Because O3b satellites are situated in orbit at only 8062 km over the planet, they are four times closer than the geosynchronous satellites that have served American Samoa in the past. This proximity dramatically reduces round-trip delay for voice calls and web surfing. The O3b constellation will be ready for service in the third quarter of 2014.
Today, the territory is served by a single submarine fiber optic cable. The performance of the O3b satellite link will be protected by a state of the art, dual 7.3 meter antenna array at the ASTCA Ili’ili Teleport. The increase in capacity will enable ASTCA and other service providers to offer more broadband based services to the residents of American Samoa and the tenants at the TIP.

For more information about the TIP, please contact:
Misipati Salanoa at (684) 633-5155 ext. 251 or

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