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Commerce Commission

The Commerce Commission regulates commercial vehicles in the territory. It sets bus and taxi fares, sets safety standards for all commercial vehicles, and issues Certificates of Convenience and Necessity for operators of commercial vehicles. The Commission operates under Title 19 of the Code Annotated, and the same title in the Administrative Code. Governor Lolo Moliga will appoint new members to serve on the Commerce Commission Board, to be submitted to the Legislature of American Samoa for confirmation. The Director of Commerce, Keniseli Lafaele serves as Chairman.

For information on Certificates of Convenience, please contact:
Saeu Porotesano at or (684) 633-5155 ext. 252



The Commerce Commission has adopted new regulations. Most will go into effect on October 1, 2012, and some will go into effect on January 1, 2013. Note to commercial operators: The Commission will not approve any application for a new commercial vehicle or renewal for 2013 unless the vehicle fully complies with all rules in effect on January 1, 2013.

The new regulations can be read here:

New amendments to title 19, Chapter 01 – Title 19 – New



Per Commerce Commission 2011


Frequently Asked Questions


The Commerce Commission has adopted new regulations to improve the safety and convenience of commercial vehicles in the territory. The full rules can be downloaded here, or obtained from the Department of Commerce on the second floor of the Executive Office Building, or from the MCSAP Office at the Department of Public Safety in Fagatogo. Some highlights from the new rules are as follows:

  • A rule amending the definition of “commercial vehicle” to include pickup trucks carrying placardable amounts of hazardous materials;
  • A rule setting the application fee for the Certificate of Convenience at $20;
  • A rule prohibiting tint on commercial vehicles;
  • A rule requiring drivers of commercial passenger vehicles to post photo identification of the driver;
  • A rule prohibiting smoking in commercial passenger vehicles;
  • A rule setting forth new requirements for signage and roof signs for taxis (Jan. 1);
  • A rule requiring commercial passenger vehicles to be able to provide their rate schedule to passengers upon request;
  • A rule setting a maximum occupancy limit in buses, and prohibiting passengers from standing, or sitting on the floor or steps of the bus;
  • A rule adding safety belts to the safety check for commercial vehicles (Jan. 1);
  • A rule requiring emergency exits at least 2’ wide and 4’ tall in the rear of buses (Jan. 1);
  • A rule prohibiting the use of buses less that ¾ tons carrying capacity from commercial operations outside of the area between the canneries and the hospital and limiting them to the main road, and up to the hospital (Jan. 1);
  • A rule to adopt the rules found in the Code of Federal Regulations, Title 49 Part 107, Subparts F and G, concerning the regulation of cargo tank and cargo tank vehicle manufacturers and the registration of persons who transport hazardous materials; and
  • General rewording, renumbering, and reorganization of the rules.

The Commission will not approve any application for a new commercial vehicle or renewal unless the vehicle fully complies with all rules in effect on January 1, 2013.


Rules Section (ASCA) Offense Violation Fine
  • 19.0151 Small Bus Operation Restrictions $50.00
  • 19.0154 Tint on windows or windshields $50.00
  • 19.0160 (a) Permit eating or drinking in bus or taxi-operator $50.00
  • 19.0160 (b) Eating or drinking in bus or taxi – passenger $25.00
  • 19.0160 (c) Failure to post sign ban on eating/drinking-owner $50.00
  • 19.0160 (d) Failure to provide litter container – owner $50.00
  • 19.0161 Failure to display copy of photo ID – operator $50.00
  • 19.0162 (a) Smoking in bus or taxi – passenger $25.00/$50.00
  • 19.0162(b) Failure to prevent passengers from smoking-operator $50.00
  • 19.0162 (c) Failure to post signs prohibiting smoking-operator $50.00
  • 19.0163 Collecting excessive fees or rates for fares-operator $75.00
  • 19.0164 (a) Failure to display rate schedule-owner $50.00
  • 19.0164 (b) Failure to provide rate schedule – operator $50.00
  • 19.0171 Failure to comply with taxi brand or roof signs-operator $50.00
  • 19.0182 Non-conforming bus-right side entrance-exit or Emergency exit-owner $75.00
  • 19.0184 (a) Operating overloaded bus – operator $65.00
  • 19.0184 (b) Bus-standing or seated on floor/steps-passenger $25.00/$50.00
  • 19.0190 Hazardous Materials – operator/owner Citation

Effective commencing January 7, 2013 signed by John Ward II-District Court Judge

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